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It is the first Monday of the new year, and we are kicking it off with your #NewYearsResolutions on today’s Manic Monday features.

We asked all of you what your #resolutions for this year are and we have to commend all of you for striving for a healthier lifestyle! 

Regardless of what your goals for 2013 may be, we hope all of you are starting it off with a bang! For more details on what your favorite Streamzooers are trying to accomplish this year, click through each photo.





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We are happy to be here to welcome 2013 with a big bang! We want to see how you spent your #NewYears or #NewYearsEve by featuring the streams on today’s Spotlighted Stream.

What did you do right before the countdown? Share it with us by uploading your pictures to one (or both) of the streams. In the mean time, take a look down below and see how some of your fellow Streamzooers celebrated the brand new year! 






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The Streamzoo Popular Wall is showing some holiday spirit, and we want to showcase some of that on today’s Popular Radar features! 

Check out how some of your favorite Streamzooers are gearing up for the holidays. How are you preparing for Christmas and New Years? We want to see your pretty decorations too! Upload them to one of the many Christmas streams going on, or create your own stream and message us your photos. You may see them in a future blog feature! 






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