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Streamzoo ladies, have you been trying to figure out what to wear or how to do your makeup for those upcoming Christmas festivities? Look no further, meet Swedish makeup artist, @tozen.

With her artistic and crafty skills, you will be sure to find something to emulate by looking through her stream. Keep reading below to find out how she draws her inspiration to create these beautiful looks.

1. How did you hear about Streamzoo?

I found Streamzoo when I checked on different apps. Streamzoo had gotten good grades so I downloaded the app and love it!

2. How would you describe your photography style?

I take most pictures on my various makeups, because I’m a makeup artist and that’s my hobby.

3. What’s your favorite part about Streamzoo?

The best about Streamzoo is that you get so inspired and get to see so many different places, and things from other angles than what you are used to.

4. What are your favorite streams to follow?

I watch probably mostly streams on animals and other people’s makeups. :) 

5. Any last words or a special shoutout?

Thank you very much for the attention! And have a awesome Friday everyone !

We seem to have a bit of undiscovered and unconventional talent throughout Streamzoo. Not to be mistaken, these ladies have some fierce creativity and we are taking notice!

Today’s Spotlighted Stream will feature #nailart. Who would have thought so many ideas can be translated onto the fingernail as a painting canvas? You never know what you can do with such little space.

Are you inspired to try your own design or re-create these images? Show us by uploading your designs to the #nailart stream! We would love to see what you can add to the growing collection. 





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