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Are you an avid traveler of the world?….or do you want to be but can’t seem to get it started? We hope @kicotoralles is the right person to motivate you! 

Check out his stream and visit all the places he has visited too. If you would like to find out more about him, continue on below and find out why he feels Streamzoo is the perfect place for him to share his craft! 

1. How did you hear about Streamzoo?

I was in my smartphone, looking for some app similar to Instagram. Then I found SZ. Now I have Instagram too in my smartphone, but I prefer use SZ. SZ is more human, more sincere.

2. How would you describe your photography style?

I’m not a profissional photographer. My style is free, is empirical, is pure. Just the shot, some cuts and without edition. This is me. I’m an architect and urban planner, so I consider myself a viewer of urban space, urban art, architecture details, landscapes. Is where I place my eyes. Registering my land (extreme south of Brazil) and my travels.

3. What’s your favorite part about Streamzoo?

I like to see other’s eyes. Another views of known places. Different views of magazines, websites or tour books. And I like to know new places. So… I like to travel in SZ.

4. What are your favorite streams to follow?

My favorite streams: #urban#architecture#streetart#graffiti. And some favorite eyes: @Cineast, @Pixelina, @ROSSAtravels (or @Lady_K), @MiguelCamelo (or @KmeloMigs), @mariaisabel, @a_petrova, @Alchemist169, @christao, @elisumthing, @fabiosim, @insignie, @nocturnal, @pedrodasilva, @sv, and @YTfromTokyo.

5. Any last words or a special shoutout?

Today morning I was singing a brazilian lyric: “se o mundo é mesmo parecido com o que vejo, prefiro acreditar no mundo do meu jeito” (music: ; band: Legião Urbana). It means: “if the world is really like what I see, I prefer believe in my own world”. These is my last words to this interview. Thanks. =)

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