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This week, we’re headed to Hong Kong! An area full of rich people, culture and of course Streamzoo users! Lets get started!

To begin, we have @chho amazing photo from his last travel!

Up next is @Kut_Lam and his fantastic and colorful photo of the river front!

t really is amazing what you can see from the top of the world. @louis_kr proves that here in his most recent photo. 

nd to finish us off, we have @VensonLee and his own ride home!

Hope you all enjoyed this weeks trip! Be sure to upload your photo to the #TravelTuesday stream for next week, and we hope to see you again!

Sharing her love of the sights of the south & her family - awesome member of Streamzoo!

More from Jamie -

Photography has been my passion ever since I was a young child. I asked my mom for my first camera for my 8th birthday and I have literally been snapping away ever since. Forcing all the other children to let me photograph them. I’ve worked as a photographer’s assistant before and really loved it but would really like to one day go out on my own and get into it professionally.
I live in South Louisiana and I’m a stay at home mom at the moment, my kids are my life.

I’ve been using SZ for 8 months now and love it, I heard about it from some friends on IG and I usually open the app several times a day whenever I have free time. I think the SZ filters are really nice and I enjoy not having to crop every photo. But I especially enjoy the feeling of community on SZ, it’s something I haven’t found anywhere else.
Have met some wonderful people here and it’s nice to have somewhere to go where there are people that share the same passion for photography as I do.

I have told some family and friends about SZ but as of right now, I’m still working on getting them to take the next step and actually join in on the fun! I would just like to thank the wonderful team at SZ for featuring me and my work, it is an incredible honor.

Welcome back! We’re headed to Greece this week! This area is made up of amazing sights, wonderful views, and fantastic Streamzoo users!

Starting us off, we have @misios with their wonderfully colored morning sky!

Next up we have @ecm1pl and a very green shot of a local rail road.

Nothing like a day on the water. @malagas really knows how to use his spare time!

To finish things off we have an artistic shot from @ElpidaMaria showing off Greece’s city streets.

And with that we end out tour! This week brought some interesting colors and sites to the table. Be sure to upload your photos to the #TravelTuesday stream on Streamzoo for a chance to be featured next week. Happy travels! 

Bob has been gracing Streamzoo with his awesome shots for over a year.

Read more of the interview below -

I am a computer programmer living in Maryland, in the United States. I really started seriously taking photos a little over a year ago. At that time I posted to a different photo sharing site, but its problems and limitations made me explore other options. Last November I found streamzoo and loved it. I came to streamzoo only interested in macro photography. But as I met people, chatted with them, and visited them in their homes and on photo shoots, I become interested in much more. Now I photograph almost anything and I post unedited photos, slightly enhanced photos, and more extreme edits, including HDR. So streamzoo has really helped me grow as a photographer and and to some extent, an editor as well.

    Almost a year. I started streamzoo in the middle of last November. In the other photo sharing web site, as problems arose there was a lot of discussion of alternate sites. To be honest, I picked streamzoo randomly, When I found I really liked it, I didn’t bother looking at others. People were very welcoming, private messaging me advice and comments and helping me along the way.


I post 6-10 photos per day, spread out through the day. I should probably post fewer, but I really love sharing with all my friends. I check notifications throughout the day - that’s normally the first thing I do whenever I open the app. When people ask questions, I like to answer as soon as I can.

 I love the shoutout capability, since it let’s me recognize the wonderful photos people post. I also really like the private message feature - it truly aids in developing deeper friendships. My least favorite features are blocking because I feel it is incompletely implemented. There are a number of predators/stalkers who torment ladies of streamzoo. When they block these people, the blocked individual can still see their pics. If someone wants privacy from an individual, I think they should be able to get it. I’ve also recently reported a bug which allows someone to give themselves as many likes as they want - I am hoping that will get fixed since I have seen people get on the leaderboard with very few people liking their photos - because they added their own likes.

  Love the site! You did a great job creating it and tuning it to form a wonderful social community around photo sharing.

Hello Streamzoo!

We are highlighting the group Things With Wings today. You’ll never guess what the group is all about!


As you can see in the group’s description below, this group is for “birds, butterflies, bees, insects, dragonflies, damselflies, fireflies, angels, airplanes.. Etc.. Just make sure it has wings.”

Do you like taking pictures of things with wings? Well, this is the group for you! Let’s see what these Streamzooers have been sharing lately.





















That’s it for this week’s #GroupThursdays highlight. Until next time, have fun!

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This week, we’re headed somewhere a bit more tropical then your average travel destination. Our users have been quite busy out in Fiji, and we want to show off their photos!

To begin, we’re spreading our wings as user @parkjc1 comes in for a landing.

There is nothing like the beach in the evening. User @lightwithflames knows that all to well.

t really is amazing how some places can be so beautiful. @Jestepar found quite the spot on his travels!

To finish things off, we have @Susanne_mc and her fantastic photo of a beautiful hidden water fall.

The world is truly full of wonderful places. Our users on Streamzoo have been busy showing us everything they have seen. Be sure to upload your photos to the #TravelTuesday stream on Streamzoo for a chance at being featured next week. 

Lesbia is a real estate agent & photography is her favorite hobby. 

More from @lesbia_juarez -

I am a Real Estate Agent and one of my favorites hobbies is photography.  Not a pro but I just try to put my heart in my pics.  All pics are the reflection of all the beauty I see and all pics are taken by me with Iphone 4 and Android Galaxy S4.

I have ve been an user of SZ since a year and a half ago and I knew about SZ from a friend.  I open SZ everyday and the first thing I do is open the notifications.  Then I post a picture and I check the feed in order to enjoy the pics and give the shoutouts! 

My favorite thing in SZ is obviously to post photos and one thing that I like is that I can post big photos and I don’t have to crop them.

Another thing I love is the people in SZ!! I have made a lot of friends there from all parts of the world!!  I would say this is the most I like!!  The least I like is in the group area I can not choose to post a photo in a group I want unless that group is in the list.

I want to give the thanks to all my friends on SZ for their support and love that they have showed and for let me be part of the SZ family!

Hello Streamzoo!

It’s just after lunch here in California, and we waited till now to share today’s featured group. Why? The group #Food Pics is all about—your guessed it, FOOD!

A group for foodies, by foodies, #Food Pics is definitely not a group to look at if you’re hungry. Even when you are feeling full and satisfied, all the yummy photos here will make you hungry again!

Check out what Streamzooers are eating these days.





















That’s it for this week’s #GroupThursdays highlight. Until next time, have fun!

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This week, we’re headed to the misty lands of England. This area is full of wonderful sights, amazing landscapes, and breathtaking views. Our users on Streamzoo have been quite busy around the town taking some spectacular photos, and this week we’re showing them off!

To get us started we have @Adora and her morning cup of Jo’ in the heart of town. It really is amazing what can be gained when taking away the color.

Next up, we have a great shot of a street performer doing what he does best. Taken by our very own @sheenalf

User @Nyako really seems to enjoy the street life, as she shows off her local town in this fantastic photo. 

Last, but most certainly not least, is this fantastic shot of a small shop hidden in the busyness of England. Taken by our very own @D_art_corner

We hope you enjoyed this weeks trip around the world! Be sure to stop by next week for more amazing photos. Also be sure to upload your own photos to the #TravelTuesday stream on Streamzoo to have a chance at setting the location next week! 


Dedi lives in Bogor,  west java,  Indonesia. A librarian by profession who loves snapping pictures. 

From @dsparman

I’ve been using Streamzoo about more than a year. I  don’t remember exactly when. But I fall in love since the first time I use the Zoo.


I love the ability to shout out the pictures that I admire.  The  ability to post any kind of picture format. So,  say bye bye to cropping.


I was using streamzoo almost all day,  all time. But since so many inappropriate pictures and stolen pictures here,  I moved to another photo sharing. But,  I can’t deny that I love this Zoo.  So,  here I am.. Again.

I love the zoo,  so I introduced to my friends. But I don’t remember who they are.. But I would like to thanks to my SZers Family such as @kusworo @andypriyantoko @norakorina @ryan_djacktray @mosquitoz74 @nolandsman @aviatra @girryindriyant @purple_haze @poelique @apradanas @fxanto. I wish they would back again..

Finally,  thanks Streamzoo..